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Today at 5:20 a.m. February 17, 2017, our dear Ushaben left her body. I did not know her as well as many of you but had the honour of doing three video interviews on her life and work for the Mother in collaboration with Chunibhai. I would encourage all her friends to see these interviews on our website,

Interview with Ushaben

Interview With Ushaben And Chunibhai - Part 1

Interview With Ushaben And Chunibhai - Part 2

In the years that I knew her I recognized a warrior soul of the Mother whose smile always blessed me and touched everyone who came to see her. Now I will see again the videos and the stories of Castellini, how they made food for Mother and so much more.

For one of the videos taken in her home I brought some young friends to meet her. During the video the Presence of the Mother coming through Ushaben was so strong that my friends wept and when we concluded filming they went to her and knelt before her in homage and I felt the Mother's love pouring through her and blessing each of them.

When Chunibhai left his body Ushaben took me into the room. His body had not been touched and she said to me, "No smell." And, indeed there was a deep peace and a sweet fragrance permeating the room.Some days after his departure we were sitting together at the kitchen table reminiscing and the moment Chunibhai's name came up she said, "But we have the videos!" And now, myprayers and those of all who knew her and loved her as a friend and child of the Mother remember her on this day with love and gratitude.

The last memory I have of her was very recent. I was kneeling at the Samadhi and as I got up there was Ushaben in a wheelchair smiling radiantly at me in greeting, waiting her turn to offer herself to our Lord and Mother.