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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Messages from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
When thou hearest an opinion that displeases thee, study and find out the truth in it.

(The Hour of God,Vol:17,Page.115-Thoughts and Aphorisms,SABCL)

The Ashram

Special Visitors

Read in this section about prominent personalities in various fields who met Sri Aurobindo or The Mother in Pondicherry with remarks about them



Weekly Guidance from Sri Aurobindo and Mother

"Is it true that existence consists only in the action of energy? Or is it not rather that energy is an output of Existence"

-Sri Aurobindo-

"When a child lives in normal conditions, it has a spontaneous confidence that all it needs will be given to it.

This confidence should persist, unshaken, throughout life; but the limited idea, ignorant and superficial, of its needs which a child has, must be replaced progressively by a wider, deeper and truer conception which culminates in the perfect conception of needs in accordance with the supreme wisdom, until we realise that the Divine alone knows what our true needs are and rely upon Him for everything. "

-The Mother-

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