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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Messages from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
If thou keepest this limited human ego & thinkest thyself the superman, thou art but the fool of thy own pride, the plaything of thy own force and the instrument of thy own illusions.

(The Hour of God,Vol:17,Page.95-Thoughts and Aphorisms,SABCL)

The Ashram

Special Visitors

Read in this section about prominent personalities in various fields who met Sri Aurobindo or The Mother in Pondicherry with remarks about them



Weekly Guidance from Sri Aurobindo and Mother

"The Divine Truth is greater than
any religion or creed or scripture
or idea or philosophy."

-Sri Aurobindo-

"A self-willed man cannot be grateful — because when he gets what he wants he gives all the credit for it to his own will, and when he gets what he does not want he resents it badly and throws all the blame on whomever he considers responsible, God, man or Nature."

-The Mother-

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